Oil S[l]ickness

Don't be like me. Don't forget there's still an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. It slipped my mind. I guess it's not newsworthy, because news about the event would almost seem repetitive. ("Spill still there. Except larger.") You might as well call it olds. Thank you, Joe Bageant, for bringing it back into focus for me. It might be a brief mention in a blog post - a one paragraph withering slam at the inattention of his fellow Americans [1] - but "Oil Spill" is back in my memory banks for now.

Guess I chose the wrong week to restart blogging (Julia - 1: Kevin - 0)

Australia politicians have sometimes tried to massage the egos of their constituents by labelling things as "world class" - universities, public transport systems (hah!), cities, bridges, whatnot. I've always found it a little transparent and needy. If something's so good, why do you need to draw attention to its excellence in such a obviously try-hard way?

Essay Spam

I haven't paid much attention to my blog these last two months. I've been concentrating on completing the PostPressed website (2020 note: link dead). So to my surprise and dismay, I've found I've been comment spammed. Oddly enough, they all follow the same theme: semi-professional essay writing. It's not Viagra or Lottery spam, but still off-putting.

Goodbye to the Noughties, and goodbye to 2009

I'm not going to blow off the [20]00's, as Paul Krugman did, by calling it The Big Zero. His country fared far worse than mine, or my wife's, during these years. Australia seem to have avoided major recession, and the nearest Việt Nam came to it is a measly 4% growth. Better than the soup kitchens and the 18% unofficial unemployment and the medical bankruptcies and the general malaise over there.