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I don't know why I remain subscribed to vWorker, the site formerly known as "Rent A Coder". The idea is good: provide a site where individuals  - not companies or consortia, but individuals - can bid for various projects commissioned by different employers. Most tasks demand programming, with the remainder requesting writing. I joined up because I thought there may be some task that would be worth my wile. But I remain disappointed.

Some coding jobs are of the "find the flaw in this code", which sounds like I'm cleaning up for some negligent IT undergraduate's mistakes. No thanks. Then there is the "Write 30 articles about subject X", be it Pokemon or clothing or whatever. I'm not interested - this creates a lot of the nonsensical articles which clogs search engine results when people are looking for actual real information about subject X.

But I've never seen bloody ghostwriting on demand until now. Look what I got in the latest vWorker mailout:

31)Defend my Repution!! (write and publish positive content about me)

  • Project Type: Small Business Project: $100(USD) and above
  • Max Bid: 400
  • Categories: Writing and translation,Website content,Other (Writing),Blogs and Articles,Copy writing,Creative writing
  • Description: My reputation has recently been slandered / bashed on the Internet when you search my name "Daniel Moravec"

I'm posting this bid request to battle such search results and drive down the negative content.

Your job will be to write and publish 30 unique content biographies / articles about me across popular websites and blogs, each being unique in their own sort of way. You will be required to link them together in the content, with the number of links in each article being between 2 and 5 (at your discretion). You should also write a Wiki article on Wikipedia if possible .

All content may be based on content that is currently available on the internet. You may also feel free to interview me for quotes or any additional information that you need...

Any interested bidders can see more at the relevant vWorker project page. But I'm not going to be one of them. I just find the request contemptible. Guess you can add me to the people who have "slandered / bashed" Daniel Moravec's reputation.

But Mr. Moravec may get his own article in Wikipedia. It's the first time I know of that someone's run an virtual auction for puff pieces on oneself. Pretty notable, and Wikipedia likes notable things to write articles about.

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