My name is Peter Murphy, and this is my website. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

For more detail (including contact details), check my About page. My resume is available on request.

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Because every site needs an "About" page.

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Writing and rants. Updated whenever.

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Some applications I created over the years.

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  • Peter Murphy

    Peter Murphy @peterkmurphy

    Multiculturalism in action: the indoor climbing gym I was at yesterday in Villawood, where Muslim dads and Buddhist… https://t.co/4ZWJfi29w8
    1 hour, 30 minutes ago

  • Peter Murphy

    Peter Murphy @peterkmurphy

    @IndigenousX I'm a whitefella that wasn't even born in the country. Apart from a father passed away nearly 15 years… https://t.co/WN4Lo8yvva
    23 hours, 8 minutes ago

  • Peter Murphy

    Peter Murphy @peterkmurphy

    @JeremyPoxon (Fireman's axe hews through a door at the Treasury. Keating's face appears in the gaping hole.) Keating: HERE'S... MAGGIE!
    1 day, 12 hours ago