An email to multilevel marketeers

About to head to bed, I receive an email from these folk, Paid Weekly Guarateed. It's a MLM scam, of course, and their website is a "standard" MLM scam website: bright colours, handwriting fonts, a video or two, promises galore, bad clip art, and an absence of actual detail. The sites are getting shoddier in their grammar, though: EVERYONE That Participates "Get's Paid... PERIOD..." Did they think that up themselves, or was it provided to them?

The Slide Rule - hand held computation before there were hand held computers

In Tangible Bits: Beyond Pixels, Hiroshi Ishii tells of meeting an "abacus" when he was two years old. Speaking about himself in third person:

A not so small Foursquare review

Note: "Event Junkie" was the name of the app I worked on for the DECO7350 group project. The gist: design an app where users can find events around them in real time. When I wrote this post, I had high hopes for the application. I still do. What I didn't anticipate is falling out with my team mates over financing. I should write more about this later – I really should. But let's concentrate on what I wrote at the time.

Stack Overflow – social media brilliance for the working programmer

Note: this is a rewrite of Take 2 of this post. An earlier, incomplete version was published accidentally, and then found its way automatically into the DECO3500/7350 feed. There was nothing I could do about it except to create a new, better, less typo-ridden blog post, and delete the original.

Scanner Radio

Recently, I was down in Melbourne for a wedding. Most people coming for the event were locals, but some had come from as far afield as Brisbane. I (obviously) was one; so too was the groom's brother. While drinking some of his generously offered beer, we somehow got onto the topic of what Brisbane's worst suburb was. He brought up Ipswich, only to rubbish the very idea that it was the worst. Many of his friends lived there, after all. Inala was another place with a bad reputation, but my wife likes to shop there, and it has great phở, so cross that out. Kingston? Another place prone to fear mongering, but that's where the groom's brother's from: no difficulty living there at all.