I am Peter Murphy, and this is my website. I am these following things:

  • Software Developer: worked with C/C++, Python, and C#;
  • Website Designer: preferably if Django is involved;
  • Trainer: I taught ESL in Việt Nam and Australia, but now teach programming for a living;
  • Graduate: now with a Master of Computer Science under my belt;
  • Bass player (but only when I have the time);
  • Last but not least, Husband - and now a Father.

For more details (including contact details), check my About page. My CV is available on request.

What's on the site?

This is what's on the site.


Because every site needs an "About" page.

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Writing and rants. Updated whenever.

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Some Django applications I created over the years.

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  • Peter Murphy

    Peter Murphy @peterkmurphy

    The only good thing about @mx was the Sudoku puzzle for the bus ride home. I found the articles too depressingly banal to read.
    7 hours, 38 minutes ago

  • Soul James

    Soul James @Soul_James

    Peter Murphy

    You bet your ass would be calling for Mystery to be put to death for corrupting the youth at the next town hall meeting.
    1 week, 1 day ago

  • Soul James

    Soul James @Soul_James

    Peter Murphy

    Before you judge the epoch that condemned Socrates, imagine hearing your kid say "OMG MOM HAVE YOU HEARD OF PICK UP ARTISTS I LOVE THEM"
    1 week, 1 day ago