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C Major

C Major: C, D, E, F, G, A, B
Chord Types I II III IV V VI VII

C Power Fifth
C, G

D Power Fifth
D, A

E Power Fifth
E, B

F Power Fifth
F, C

G Power Fifth
G, D

A Power Fifth
A, E

B Tritone
B, F


C Major
C, E, G

D Minor
D, F, A

E Minor
E, G, B

F Major
F, A, C

G Major
G, B, D

A Minor
A, C, E

B Diminish 5th
B, D, F


C Major 7th
C, E, G, B

D Minor 7th
D, F, A, C

E Minor 7th
E, G, B, D

F Major 7th
F, A, C, E

G 7th
G, B, D, F

A Minor 7th
A, C, E, G

B Minor 7th Flat 5th
B, D, F, A


C Major 9th
C, E, G, B, D

D Minor 9th
D, F, A, C, E

E Minor 7th Flat 9th
E, G, B, D, F

F Major 9th
F, A, C, E, G

G 9th
G, B, D, F, A

A Minor 9th
A, C, E, G, B

B Minor 7th Flat 9th Flat 5th
B, D, F, A, C


C Major 11th
C, E, G, B, D, F

D Minor 11th
D, F, A, C, E, G

E Minor 11th Flat 9th
E, G, B, D, F, A

F Major 9th Sharp 11th
F, A, C, E, G, B

G 11th
G, B, D, F, A, C

A Minor 11th
A, C, E, G, B, D

B Minor 11th Flat 9th Flat 5th
B, D, F, A, C, E


C Major 13th
C, E, G, B, D, F, A

D Minor 13th
D, F, A, C, E, G, B

E Minor 11th Flat 13th Flat 9th
E, G, B, D, F, A, C

F Major 13th Sharp 11th
F, A, C, E, G, B, D

G 13th
G, B, D, F, A, C, E

A Minor 11th Flat 13th
A, C, E, G, B, D, F

B Minor 11th Flat 13th Flat 9th Flat 5th
B, D, F, A, C, E, G

Added Ninth

C Major Add 9th
Cmaj add9
C, E, G, D

D Minor Add 9th
Dmin add9
D, F, A, E

E Minor Add Flat 9th
Emin add-9
E, G, B, F

F Major Add 9th
Fmaj add9
F, A, C, G

G Major Add 9th
Gmaj add9
G, B, D, A

A Minor Add 9th
Amin add9
A, C, E, B

B Diminish 5th Add Flat 9th
Bdim5 add-9
B, D, F, C


C Suspend
C, F, G

D Suspend
D, G, A

E Suspend
E, A, B

F, B, C

G Suspend
G, C, D

A Suspend
A, D, E

B Suspend Flat 5th
B, E, F

Suspended Seventh

C Suspend Major 7th
Csus / maj7
C, F, G, B

D Suspend 7th
Dsus / 7
D, G, A, C

E Suspend 7th
Esus / 7
E, A, B, D

F, B, C, E

G Suspend 7th
Gsus / 7
G, C, D, F

A Suspend 7th
Asus / 7
A, D, E, G

B Suspend 7th Flat 5th
Bsus / 7-5
B, E, F, A


C Major Add 6th
Cmaj add6
C, E, G, A

D Minor Add 6th
Dmin add6
D, F, A, B

E Minor Add Flat 6th
Emin add-6
E, G, B, C

F Major Add 6th
Fmaj add6
F, A, C, D

G Major Add 6th
Gmaj add6
G, B, D, E

A Minor Add Flat 6th
Amin add-6
A, C, E, F

B Minor Sharp 5th Add Sharp 11th
Bmin+5 add+11
B, D, F, G


C Major Add 6th Add 9th
Cmaj add6 add9
C, E, G, A, D

D Minor Add 6th Add 9th
Dmin add6 add9
D, F, A, B, E

E Minor Add Flat 6th Add Flat 9th
Emin add-6 add-9
E, G, B, C, F

F Major Add 6th Add 9th
Fmaj add6 add9
F, A, C, D, G

G Major Add 6th Add 9th
Gmaj add6 add9
G, B, D, E, A

A Minor Add Flat 6th Add 9th
Amin add-6 add9
A, C, E, F, B

B Diminish 5th Add Flat 6th Add Flat 9th
Bdim5 add-6 add-9
B, D, F, G, C

Added Eleventh

C Major Add 11th
Cmaj add11
C, E, G, F

D Minor Add 11th
Dmin add11
D, F, A, G

E Minor Add 11th
Emin add11
E, G, B, A

F Major Add Sharp 11th
Fmaj add+11
F, A, C, B

G Major Add 11th
Gmaj add11
G, B, D, C

A Minor Add 11th
Amin add11
A, C, E, D

B Diminish 5th Add 11th
Bdim5 add11
B, D, F, E


What is Chord Generator?

Chord Generator is a application for enumerating all possible chords in a selected scale. In particular, Chord Generator will show what the chord is for a given chord type and position, if such a chord exists.


There are three controls in Chord Generator.

  • Key: This sets the root note for the scale. Select from C, C♯, D♭ and all up to B.
  • Scale: This sets the scale under study. There are plenty to choose from, such as Major, Dorian (a mode of the Major), and Harmonic Minor.
  • ASCII friendly: By default, the app prints out the Unicode character "♭" for the flat symbol and "♯" for the sharp symbol. If these are displayed as blocks, it probably it means you are using an browser like IE6. Click "ASCII friendly" to see ASCII equivalents like "b" and "#".


Chord Generator generates a table organised as follows:

  • The left hand column shows different chord types. Triads are three note chords, where the 1st, 3rd and 5th notes are chosen from a scale starting from a position in that scale. Sevenths are when the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th notes are chosen from a scale starting from a position in that scale.
  • The top row indicates the starting position of the chord in the scale. The first position in a C major scale is "C", the second position is a "D", and so on. Roman numerals are used to indicate position.
  • The intersection of a column and a row show the name of chord for that position and that chord type. It also shows the abbreviation and the notes that make it up.

Let's take the C major scale as an example.

  1. The first triad is C, E, G - a major chord, or "maj" for short.
  2. The second and third chords are D, F, A and E, G, B - D minor and E minor chords.
  3. The fourth and fifth triads are F, A, C and G, B, D - F major and G major chords.
  4. The sixth is A, C, E - A minor. The seventh - B, D, F is what I call "Diminished Fifth". This should not be confused with "Diminished Seventh", which is a different chord.

The default table (shown above) always shows the chords for the C major scale, with ASCII Friendly mode turned off.


You may have none, some or many. Some of those questions may be of the form "What the hell is a "Minor Added 6th Added 9th?" For this particular chord, the answer is "It's the chord with the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th notes of a major scale." For other chords, I'd advise using a search engine. I made this application because I wanted to; any educational usage is just a bonus.

I'd like to extend this app to show what notes are in an chord - such as "Minor", without the need to provide a key. It would be nice to add functionality that shows how the chord may appear on a fretboard, whether it be a guitar, a violin, or a 4/5/6 string bass. But perhaps I will never have time to do anything about it.

Installation and Dependencies

You can get Chord Generator from PyPI through the command:

pip install chordgenerator

Once installed, just add "chordgenerator" to your INSTALLED_APPS list in, and add the desired URL in one of the files.

Apart from Django, the app depends on musictheory. This package - also made by myself - is the guts of the application, and can be used outside of Django. It contains classes for musical temperaments, scales and chords.

The HTML template file used to generate HTML has been redesigned to work with the Mezzanine CMS. The redesign removed any explicit references to particular stylesheets found with earlier versions. Feel free to customise: the app is released under a 3 clause BSD license. If you wish to do any changes to the app, pop over to the GitHub repository. (There is also a Github repository for musictheory.)


  • 0.1 (May 1st 2011) - Initial release. Took code and made setup script.
  • 0.2 (May 11th 2011) - Remove bugs.
  • 0.3 (June 6th 2011) - Add license information. Add more scales.
  • 0.4 (June 2nd 2013) - Try to make a half-decent PyPI package.
  • 0.5 (January 30th 2014) - Updated to be compatible with Django 1.6 and Mezzanine 3.0.
  • 0.6 (February 15th 2014) - Added more styling to be compatible with Bootstrap. More history described.

Copyright © Peter Murphy 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014.

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