Glyphviewer is a web application that analyses web font files. This app will attempt to parse any web font file provided as input. If successful, it will display general "header" information (such as name and copyright details) to the user. Glyphviewer also provides a testbed where users can enter text, and have it displayed using the font. Finally, if the user chooses Shows characters in font, this application will display the characters supported by the font along with their Unicode codepoints.

For more information about this application, see the documentation.

Note 1: most modern fonts represents hundreds, if not thousands, of characters. When the Shows characters in fonts checkbox is checked, the app will try to display all of the them. The result will be a very long page, which may be an issue for users with bandwidth problems.

Note 2: Glyphviewer will now only be guaranteed to work with remote fonts if Cross-origin Resource Sharing (CORS) is enabled in the remote server. Please see the documentation for more information on this.

Choose a font to analyse.


Glyphviewer was unable to deal with the resource "GenBkBasBI.woff". There is no font header found.

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