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The Slide Rule - hand held computation before there were hand held computers

In Tangible Bits: Beyond Pixels, Hiroshi Ishii tells of meeting an "abacus" when he was two years old. Speaking about himself in third person:

A not so small Foursquare review

Note: "Event Junkie" was the name of the app I worked on for the DECO7350 group project. The gist: design an app where users can find events around them in real time. When I wrote this post, I had high hopes for the application. I still do. What I didn't anticipate is falling out with my team mates over financing. I should write more about this later – I really should. But let's concentrate on what I wrote at the time.

Stack Overflow – social media brilliance for the working programmer

Note: this is a rewrite of Take 2 of this post. An earlier, incomplete version was published accidentally, and then found its way automatically into the DECO3500/7350 feed. There was nothing I could do about it except to create a new, better, less typo-ridden blog post, and delete the original.