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Cultural Competency and Indigenous Education

There's been a bit of consternation at Larvatus Prodeo over the post Culture Wars: self-fulfilling prophecy time. The gist is that Universities Australia have a new National Best Practice Framework for Indigenous Cultural Competency. "Not something, if you read the key points, I’d have thought should be overly controversial". Yet at the end, we had:

I got my TAE!

There were four stages in obtaining the TAE. The first stage was selecting a provider - there are many companies who provide the certificate in Brisbane. Despite my reservations regarding the name, I settled on Chris Morton Powerful Seminars for four reasons. The first reason was that it was cheaper than competitors (sometimes by a factor of three). The second reason was that classes were offered frequently, so I wouldn't have to wat for a couple of months for the next vacancy. The third reason was that class time was compressed into a five day working week. I did not want to embark on 16 weeks of 2 hour classes. The final reason (I repeat to remove any confusion between reason and stage) was that several people at HHH had received the same course, and were not scathing.