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Essay Spam 2 - when people don't read

Someone hasn't been paying attention. I wrote a post describing essay writing firms; I also condemn them wholeheartedly as cheaters and frauds. Then some idiot comes along and adds not one, nor two, but six comments with six links to six different writing firms. I am confident it is only one idiot (or one idiot and friends), because it is statistically improbably for six random strangers to comment using the same email address. I am also certain that the email address belongs to spammer, because I emailed the address to ask why he was representing six different firms. No denials. No "It's not me!". No "Delete the comments - I don't care." Just silence - sometime golden, but in this case suspicious.

Oil S[l]ickness

Don't be like me. Don't forget there's still an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. It slipped my mind. I guess it's not newsworthy, because news about the event would almost seem repetitive. ("Spill still there. Except larger.") You might as well call it olds. Thank you, Joe Bageant, for bringing it back into focus for me. It might be a brief mention in a blog post - a one paragraph withering slam at the inattention of his fellow Americans [1] - but "Oil Spill" is back in my memory banks for now.