Essay Spam 2 - when people don't read


Someone hasn't been paying attention. I wrote a post describing essay writing firms; I also condemn them wholeheartedly as cheaters and frauds. Then some idiot comes along and adds not one, nor two, but six comments with six links to six different writing firms. I am confident it is only one idiot (or one idiot and friends), because it is statistically improbably for six random strangers to comment using the same email address. I am also certain that the email address belongs to spammer, because I emailed the address to ask why he was representing six different firms. No denials. No "It's not me!". No "Delete the comments - I don't care." Just silence - sometime golden, but in this case suspicious.

All comments follow the same format. The Name field contains the name of the firm, and the URL naturally contains the URL of the respective company. All email addresses are "". The comments give the game away with their meaningless pleasantries like "just to say hello great work.." They're going for the seem-natural-but-really-sticking-out look, like prisoners escaping from jail by ambling out the front gates... with "WARDER" written in texta pen on their clothing.

I've already condemned these enterprises; I don't need to do so again; I'd rather make one new observation. For example, the stock marketing photos used are (with one exception) really, really White. For example, the four smiling faces on Online Essays Pro look like an ABBA covers band. As for the rest, not even one token Asian in sight. I don't understand it myself, unless all the free stock photos available in the US are locked on Caucasian. But it's quite the unrefreshing change from the local Education industry. Whether it be UQ, QUT, TAFE or the many ESL schools in this city, their publicity shots are pretty much the same. Imagine happy, young, attractive people of multiple races cavorting together in peace and harmony.

(And since all 6 firms have the same "agent", are they really one firm with six different faces to the world? Who knows. It's be nice to go Teddy Roosevelt trust-busting on their asses, but I don't think the cops care that much. Get them for misrepresentation if possible, if one can be bothered. More realistically, fail all the students who submit the crap - and it is almost invariably crap - produced by these companies.)

For the time being, I'm leaving the comments be. I'm going to send a complaint to Google about young Nadir, and it's best to leave the "evidence" up. The complaint form's set up to handle conventional bulk email spam, which is not what we're dealing with here. It's blog comment spam. If they act, good. If not, too bad. But one way or another, within a week, the comments are gone.

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