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Recently, I was down in Melbourne for a wedding. Most people coming for the event were locals, but some had come from as far afield as Brisbane. I (obviously) was one; so too was the groom's brother. While drinking some of his generously offered beer, we somehow got onto the topic of what Brisbane's worst suburb was. He brought up Ipswich, only to rubbish the very idea that it was the worst. Many of his friends lived there, after all. Inala was another place with a bad reputation, but my wife likes to shop there, and it has great phở, so cross that out. Kingston? Another place prone to fear mongering, but that's where the groom's brother's from: no difficulty living there at all.

Twitter – where one can destroy ones reputation in 140 characters or less

Note: I later changed my mind about Twitter.

The great white wilderness of Google Plus

Note: this blog post was the seed for an assignment later that semester. To quote the instructions for the subject:

YouTube – online video competence and flawed social software

There have been changes to YouTube since I wrote this. Commenters now have icons next to their name, giving them some investment in their handles. Pagination is gone. But the signal to noise ratio, while improved somewhat, remains low.

Facebook Feed Fail

Note: this was the second blog post for this subject. The date was changed to make it into the master feed for the subject. All Facebook names have been smudged out to protect the guilty.