Cultural Competency and Indigenous Education

There's been a bit of consternation at Larvatus Prodeo over the post Culture Wars: self-fulfilling prophecy time. The gist is that Universities Australia have a new National Best Practice Framework for Indigenous Cultural Competency. "Not something, if you read the key points, I’d have thought should be overly controversial". Yet at the end, we had:

Võ Nguyên Giáp: 100 years old today.

It's newsworthy. Not many other veterans from the Việt Nam conflict got to score a century. So what would I like to say about him? I'd like to avoid the twin perils of hagiography and defamation. Let's go with a small bullet point history.

Nguyễn Cao Kỳ (1930-2011)

And so departs a Prime Minister and Vice President of South Việt Nam...

I got my TAE!

There were four stages in obtaining the TAE. The first stage was selecting a provider - there are many companies who provide the certificate in Brisbane. Despite my reservations regarding the name, I settled on Chris Morton Powerful Seminars for four reasons. The first reason was that it was cheaper than competitors (sometimes by a factor of three). The second reason was that classes were offered frequently, so I wouldn't have to wat for a couple of months for the next vacancy. The third reason was that class time was compressed into a five day working week. I did not want to embark on 16 weeks of 2 hour classes. The final reason (I repeat to remove any confusion between reason and stage) was that several people at HHH had received the same course, and were not scathing.

Essay Spam 2 - when people don't read

Someone hasn't been paying attention. I wrote a post describing essay writing firms; I also condemn them wholeheartedly as cheaters and frauds. Then some idiot comes along and adds not one, nor two, but six comments with six links to six different writing firms. I am confident it is only one idiot (or one idiot and friends), because it is statistically improbably for six random strangers to comment using the same email address. I am also certain that the email address belongs to spammer, because I emailed the address to ask why he was representing six different firms. No denials. No "It's not me!". No "Delete the comments - I don't care." Just silence - sometime golden, but in this case suspicious.